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To every generation the classic fairy tales are told.
We each know the stories of Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, but what
stories do we know about our own families?

Stories make up a family’s history & character but gradually, over the years, those stories vanish from our lives.
Let us help you hold onto those memories by creating a Biographical film you can pass down to the
next generation and beyond.

Every film, like every family, is one of a kind. Defining moments and personalities
past and present, each have a character that we will capture in the way you want.
Fun times with the kids or celebrating a centenary? Different experiences need different flavours
and we’d love to sit down with you to explore ideas – fast and funky or sober and respectful?
Or anything in between? The choice is yours.

Or how about a Backchat film for that special occasion?

“Backchat” is a chance for close family and friends to have fun with a mix of all the best stories,

memories and quick fire questions about the star of the film – the Birthday Girl or Boy

or a couple celebrating their anniversary – it’s up to you!

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“Steph put together an amazing video for my mums 60th birthday present that will be cherished for years. I was surprised at just how good the final video turned out given the original footage that Steph had to work with! With a quick turnaround it was pieced together perfectly, with a blend of humour and emotion that brought my mum to all kinds of tears. On top of this Steph is also a pleasure to deal with, and I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Rob Stewart, 2013

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